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Q)  What is the refund policy and process?
A)  Refunds are available under the following circumstances:

Multiple payments deducted from an HWIN account for a single transaction
Prepaid account balance that remains after all activities from prior to January 1, 2023, have been reported and fees paid
If a company has more than one account, a refund is dependent on the consolidated balance across all accounts.

The Company Official or Additional Administrators listed on the account must submit their request and provide the following information. Please copy and paste the questionnaire into your email, completed and sent to hwinhelpdesk@ontario.ca with SUBJECT "HWIN REFUND REQUEST".

All fields are mandatory.
1. Written acknowledgement that all 2022 and earlier manifests are reflected in your HWIN registration account and fees are fully paid.
2. Registration Number(s):
3. If more than one registration number, provide all registration numbers to transfer funds between accounts. If not otherwise specified, you authorize the HWIN helpdesk to transfer funds between your company accounts to offset any fees owing and any remaining pre-paid balance to be transferred to a single account to be refunded.
4. Company Name the cheque is payable to (choose one - Registered Legal or Operating company name):
5. Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Business Number (BN):
6. Mailing address:
7. Reason for the refund request:
8. Amount to be refunded:
Note: The amount refunded may vary if there are further manifest or financial transactions.

The length of time to issue a refund depends on the volume of requests and is expected to be over 6 weeks.

Direct-to-Credit Card refunds can only be completed for the full amount of the original transaction - partial refunds are not possible.

All manifests with a shipping date in 2022 and associated fees will continue to be processed in HWIN. HWIN access will continue early in 2023, only to support 2022 reporting obligations, to pay fees associated with activities from 2022 or earlier, and to process HWIN pre-paid account refunds.


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