Registered HWIN Generators

The HWIN Registered Generator List is a list of all generators registered in HWIN. For each generator, waste classes registered by the generator are displayed. Please note that HWIN will not let a generator enter into a manifest transaction for a specific waste class unless that generator has registered that waste class in HWIN. A generator may, however, add a new waste class at any time (on My HWIN page, click Administration, then Waste Information, then follow the simple instructions).

The Registered Generator List also identifies the status of each generator as "In Good Standing" or "Not in Good Standing". A generator "In Good Standing" has met all obligations for payments associated with registration fees, waste tonnage fees (on-site and off-site) and manifest fees.

It is important to note that a generator's status may change based on the generator's transactions. For example, a generator may make a waste shipment that incurs fees greater than the generator's prepaid account causing the account to have a negative balance. At the time of this transaction, the generator's status in HWIN will change from "In Good Standing" to "Not In Good Standing".

Beginning in September, the Ministry began the transfer of paper manifest data generated during 2002 into HWIN. The Ministry temporarily suspended the "In Good Standing"/"Not In Good Standing" designation on the HWIN Registered Generator List to allow generators time to make payments for paper manifest transactions that had accumulated during the year. To allow generators to fulfill their full obligations under HWIN, including reconciliation of accounts for 2002 and the registration renewal process for 2003, the "In Good Standing"/"Not In Good Standing" designation will remain temporarily suspended. Notice will be provided by the Ministry prior to reactivation of the "In Good Standing"/"Not In Good Standing" designation later in 2003.

Generators with a negative account balance in HWIN after this time will be identified as "Not In Good Standing". Such generators will be in a position of not fulfilling their requirements under Regulation 347. Generators should ensure that their accounts are paid in full to enable them to make any manifest transactions. Please note that HWIN will not allow a generator that is "Not In Good Standing" to enter into a manifest transaction.

For information on the payment of fees associated with paper manifests and registration renewal for 2003, click on the appropriate links on the HWIN home page.

You may view an individual generator's status by typing in the generator's number below and clicking the search button. This search will provide you with the current status of the generator from the HWIN database


You may also download the entire HWIN Registered Generator list. The list is in an XML file in a zip format, and is approximately 1.5 MB in size. The download will take several minutes. To avoid heavy loads on HWIN during registration, the Ministry will only allow downloads of the entire HWIN Registered Generator list between the hours of 6:00 pm EST and 6:00 am EST. While the HWIN Registered Generator list is a dynamic list, the version of the list available for download will be a static list. The list will be updated and posted to the HWIN site two times a day - at 4:00 am and 6:00 pm. (Note: the XML download button will only be displayed below for use from 6:00pm to 6:00am).

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